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This site demonstrates adequate evidence of visitation and intervention by advanced beings.
This situation is subject to a truth embargo. The global Exopolitical network calls for truth-amnesty for black project structures, acknowledgement of ETI and an amplification of C.E.5. or human-initiated contact.
Exopolitics is still developing as a research area - Essentially it takes a similar approach to [[deep politics]] in breaking down a complex, fluid field that includes UFOlogy as just one element of focus as well as ecology, philosophy, anthropology and activism. It has also been described as 'the new social science of transformation'.
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Welcome to the UK node of the rapidly expanding exopolitics network launched in 2006.

Please consider what role you can play as we continue to nudge this field into mainstream consciousness.

We can provide you with author status to either submit articles directly or you can offer links, audio, video, documents and so on by using the site form

We are also starting to assemble a small UK board to help with process, strategy and content. A 2008 conference event based in the UK Midlands is being discussed. Initiate contact here.
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Transitions Toward an Expanding Cosmology: Exopolitics Core Themes and Definitions
Note that exopolitics is not simply a UFOlogical based field of research. Instead it intends to create debate and activity based on an interplay of elements. See also the Mission Statement and Why Exopolitics Has a Small 'p'

1: the art or science of government as concerned with guiding or influencing governmental policy toward extraterrestrial-related phenomena and extraterrestrial beings.

2: exopolitical actions, practices, or policies.

3: the exopolitical opinions or sympathies of a person.

4: the total complex of relations between the human race and non-human, intelligent beings.

Disclosure -  acknowledgement by formal structures of the extraterrestrial presence engaging the planet.

Disclosure Process - private and public efforts to bring about disclosure since 1947, which intensified in 1991 with the end of the Cold War.
Post Disclosure Impact - The planning, logistics and readiness of global civilisation after the disclosure event has taken place.